One System.
Once and for all.

NiceOne is a universal overall system for achieving real sustain­ability. It is a catalog and tool with which a product can be marked as good and worthy, regard­less of time and narratives.

Four Stations.


Material & Resources 


Process & Production 


Artifacts & Usage 


Reusage & Recycling 

The system consists of four parts, which allow for the longest possible cycle of material. Each station in turn consists of mostly self-contained sets of rules and produc­tions that observe them. A product or artefact is sustain­able if it can go through all of them.

One Lifecycle.

Every­thing has a limited lifespan. The material of a good product goes through a cycle from gathering to processing to using to recycling. Inter­me­diate steps can take place here and then, which increases the overall lifetime of a part or an entire product.


Rethink if a product is necessary.
Refuse advertised needs.
Reduce your needs.
Reuse products as often as possible.
Refurbish them to take care.
Repair them to be reusable.
Repurpose to a different function.
Recycle if there is no other way.