Brick from Timbercrete

Timbercrete is made of a unique blend of cellulose (timber waste), cement, sand, binders, and other materials. Quote: The 200mm thick single skin Cobblestone Series Block is our most popular and has become our unique signature block. Each block is individually hand crafted, with slight variations of curved faces and dimensions inherent in the hand-made process. This variation is intentional in order to create the unique cobblestone appearance with the charm and character of the old world. The mortar thickness will also reflect this variation, ranging from 10mm to 20mm. The 200mm Cobblestone Series features a range of specialty blocks to accommodate every type of vertical or horizontal service requirement. We also provide a half block and a power point or light switch box, which comes already cast into the block saving time and money on the electrical fit out. There are also specialty blocks to accommodate the window fin on aluminium windows, eliminating the need for timber reveals. In fact there are 11 different types of blocks in this 200mm single skin series. Once you understand and decide where all the specialty blocks are required, “single skin simplicity” is actually a very easy way of building.
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