Composite from Linen – AmpliTex™

AmpliTex ™ and powerRibs ™ are alternatives to carbon and glass. They can be used as a replacement or in combination and have a positive effect on performance and sustainability. These reasons also speak in favor of using ampliTex ™ and powerRibs ™: They can be processed with all standard methods and resins. They have excellent performance values, for example in terms of flexural rigidity, damping, insulation and stability. Material savings and weight savings lead to cost savings. Environmentally friendly production through CO2 savings, fibers from European cultivation. The natural fibers can be used in numerous industries such as automotive, sports and leisure, motor sports, design and luxury industries as well as medical technology, aerospace, marine and communications technology. All ampliTex ™ products are also available as prepreg. The quality is ensured during production by a blend of flax fibers from different crops.