Insulation from Glass – Ecosphere™

Text from Maxit With ecosphere we are celebrating the marriage between glass and mortar: Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin), the paint, plaster and mortar specialist Maxit (Azendorf) has now developed a completely new building material technology with the Ecosphere insulation system. The Franconian company will initially convert this into interior wall insulation, followed by mortar-based facade insulation. Hollow glass microspheres function here as lightweight aggregates and ensure top values ​​in terms of thermal insulation, weight reduction and long-term stability. But what is special about the revolutionary ecosphere technology? The mineral material can be sprayed from the building material silo and is therefore not only completely seamless, but also easy to process. Thermal insulation plus heat storage Maxit Ecosphere scores with excellent insulation properties and a coefficient of thermal conductivity of λ 10, dry, mat  <0.040 W / (mK) when dry. This is achieved through the microscopic hollow glass spheres, which, thanks to the vacuum enclosure, delay the passage of heat. In a purely physical way, they also ensure that algae and mold hardly stand a chance on the facade. This is due in particular to the remarkable insulation and heat storage capacity of ecosphere: the outer wall cools down significantly more slowly and dries accordingly quickly.