Textile from recycled Nylon – Econyl®

The “ECONYL® Qualified” project was born from the desire to continue to improve the environmental performance of the ECONYL® yarn, also working on the production phases not directly controlled by Aquafil, such as transport, supply of auxiliary raw materials and packaging. The initiative led to the “ECONYL® Qualified” award, a qualification aimed at encouraging excellence and continuous improvement along the ECONYL® supply chain. To achieve it, the supplier is required to meet a series of environmental criteria, mainly concerning the use of materials and the production process management, all described in the ECONYL® Qualified Protocol. The project started in 2016 thanks to our collaboration with four suppliers participating in the pilot and belonging to the “product transport” and “production of tubes by wire” areas. The project is progressively expanding thanks to the involvement of an increasing number of suppliers, both in already identified sectors and new ones (such as the wire finishing sector and the fishing nets supply).