Composite from Pressed Straw

The panels can be used in a variety of ways. Environmentally friendly and fire-safe materials are becoming increasingly important in ship interiors, furniture construction, ecological house construction as well as in interior and exterior insulation. Straw is also often used in panel form in interior construction. The German Strohplattenwerk Müritz GmbH has developed a new process that turns the straw sheet into a "fully ecological and completely biodegradable" product, in which neither harmful binders nor adhesives are used. A specially developed mineral-based substance has been developed ("LOS-ADD"), which replaces the conventional, sometimes toxic chemicals. It is said that this is one of many reasons why the straw slab from Müritz is not flammable. Replacement for styrofoam "Since the legal requirements with regard to fire protection and compliance with harmful and toxic limits are constantly increasing, we see great market potential for the new products," says Thomas Reichau, sales manager at Strohplattenwerk Müritz GmbH. Above all, the sandwich panel, with which one wants to replace the styrofoam insulation, holds great potential. The production plant currently creates around 30,000 m² per year in 1-shift operation in small series production, which could be expanded to 50,000 m² in 2-shift operation in a next step. Another round of financing would then be needed for more.